Indian Auto LPG Coalition

  • Dear Member,

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that our Coalition has been included as a member in the 'Central Motor Vehicles Rules-Technical Standing Committee' (CMVR-TSC) and in the 'Standing Committee on Emission Legislation' (SCOE).

    Introduction of IAC in both these apex committees of Government of India is indeed a recognition from the government towards our efforts in the promotion of this green and clean fuel in a safe manner. It is a matter of honour for IAC to serve on these committees.

    The coalition also expresses its sincere gratitude to its founder patron Shri Balraj Bhanot for making this happen and for his untiring efforts and support to our group since 2002.

    With an assurance that we shall continue to strive towards our motto -'Fueling a greener future',

    Warm Regards,

    Suyash Gupta
    General Secretary
    Indian Auto LPG Coalition
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Prices in Metros (Rupees/litre)

Applicable from: 01/01/2023
Delhi 62.83
Kolkata 58.15
Mumbai 63.08
Chennai 61.87
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