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Balraj Bhanot

  • Balraj Bhanot
    Founder Patron Balraj Bhanot (Former Chairman CMVR Technical Committee & Former Director,ARAI)
Mr Bhanot is a double graduate in Engineering besides Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management & MBA from FMS Delhi. He is Chairman Transport Engg. Divisional Council of BIS, the national body which frames Indian Standards. He is consultant to DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd), apart from being adviser to numerous organizations. He is member of numerous committees of GOI. He is the former Director of Automotive Research Association of India, Pune an organization which is the primary Homologation Body in respect of vehicles for Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. He is also the former Chairman of CMVR-Technical Standing Committee besides heading Automotive Standards Committee (AIS) and was the Chairman of SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers) Western India Section. He took voluntary retirement from GOI in 1999, where he was working as Dy. Director General in Dept. of Heavy Industry as head of technical wing. He was also the Chairman of Technical Committee for formulating Inspection and certification regime in the country and set up the first Inspection and certification centre for commercial vehicles in India at Burari in Delhi. He has played a crucial role for India’s participation in WP-29 Genève, a UN Organisation which prescribes global regulations for automobile. He has been member of jury of ACMA annual awards jury right from its inception. He has played a crucial role in formulation and implementation of safety and emission regulations in the country right from inception and has produced numerous reports in automotive field. He was also the chairman of the committee for finalizing the Bus and Truck Body code for the country. In association with all concerned stakeholders, safety and homologation roadmap for the nation has now been drawn. He has presented number of technical papers in national and international fora. Mr. Bhanot has been doing a pioneering work and has traveled extensively all over the globe in various capacities and played crucial roles for the development of ancillary Industry in particular and Automotive Industry in general. He was India’s first Electronics Adviser in EEC at Brussels, Belgium (1978-83) and identified Computer Software export from India. Mr. Bhanot has also been conferred with IRTE & Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. He has also been honored with SAE International Award for doing a pioneering work on safety regulations on CNG buses in Delhi besides getting Golden Peacock Award for Quality management.

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