Indian Auto LPG Coalition


Office Bearers

  • K Sailendra
    K Sailendra President Indian Oil Corporation Ltd read more
  • Suyash Gupta
    Director General Suyash Gupta Managing Director CleanFUEL India Autogas (P) Ltd read more
  • Shishir Agrawal
    Treasurer Shishir Agrawal Managing Director- CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications Pvt. Ltd. read more

Executive Committee Members

  • P K Banerjee
    P K Banerjee Executive Director Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers read more
  • Balraj Bhanot
    Founder Patron Balraj Bhanot (Former Chairman CMVR Technical Committee & Former Director,ARAI) read more
  • Ashutosh Gupta
    Ashutosh Gupta Chief Executive Officer Indian Oil Petronas Pvt. Ltd. read more
  • Amar Jha
    Amar Jha Head- Alternate Fuels Reliance Industries Ltd read more
  • Girish Kotbagi
    Girish Kotbagi CEO- LPG Total Energies India Ltd read more
  • Sreeman Kadali
    Sreeman Kadali Vice President- Legal SHV Energy Private Limited read more
  • Amit Shah
    Amit Shah Managing Director Tomasetto Achille India Pvt Ltd read more

Roll of Honour

  • P Jayadevan
    Past President P Jayadevan Executive Director - LPG Indian Oil Corporation Ltd read more
  • Y.K. Gupta
    Past President Y.K. Gupta Executive Director- LPG Indian Oil Corporation Ltd read more
  • Sunil Mathur
    Past President Sunil Mathur Executive Director- LPG Indian Oil Corporation Ltd read more
  • Satwant Singh
    Past President Satwant Singh
  • Gurmeet Singh
    Past President Gurmeet Singh Executive Director- LPG Indian Oil Corporation Ltd read more
  • Mrinal Roy
    Past President Mrinal Roy
  • Udayan Jain
    Past Vice President Udayan Jain
  • R N Ghosh
    Past Vice President R N Ghosh
  • S Samant
    Past Vice President S Samant
  • Sunil Mathur
    Past Vice President Sunil Mathur
  • John Joseph
    Past President John Joseph
  • Abhay Nath Jha
    Past President Abhay Nath Jha read more

Prices in Metros (Rupees/litre)

Applicable from: 01/06/2023
Delhi 57.64
Kolkata 53.31
Mumbai 57.84
Chennai 57.38
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Source: IOCL Website

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