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  1. Improves Air Quality, significantly & Combats Climate Change
  2. Over 27 million vehicles run on Auto LPG worldwide.
  3. 3rd Most Widely Used Automotive fuel globally..

    Autogas is the third most used Automotive fuel globally, after Petrol and ‘Carcinogenic’Diesel.

  4. Safe

    Stringent standards and regulations in place.

  5. 60 % from Natural Gas

    Helps diversify Energy Supply

  6. Lesser Subsidy Loss to Government

    Government gains more by promoting Auto LPG, through reduction on diversion of hugely subsidized domestic LPG.

  7. Quick Installation

    LPG refueling infrastructure can be installed within 3 months, in comparison to CNG infrastructure which would take years to give that kind of coverage.

  8. Low Costs of Infrastructure & Kits

    Cost of installation of LPG Vs CNG outlets is a no brainer, with LPG at about Rs 50 Lacs and CNG running into Crores, even without factoring in the cost of CNG pipelines.

  9. Huge ALDS Network/ City Coverage and Growing...

    Tremendous coverage already. Auto LPG is already available in more than 500 Indian Towns and Cities more than 1100+ stations..More widely available alternate fuel.

  10. Terrific Vehicle Performance

    Vehicle performance/ OE Support:: Drop in Vehicle performance is between 3-5% maximum in comparison to more than a 20% drop in performance in case of the other alternate auto fuel.

Prices in Metros (Rupees/litre)

Applicable from: 01/06/2023
Delhi 57.64
Kolkata 53.31
Mumbai 57.84
Chennai 57.38
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Source: IOCL Website

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